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Welcome to ONGO by Savv Exposure, a leading provider of exceptional Study Abroad Programs. We create exciting and unique experiences that engage and inspire participants. We have been dedicated to offering engaging and transformative opportunities that leave a lasting impact on the lives of our participants.

At ONGO, we take pride in curating Study Abroad Programs that cater to diverse skill levels and interests. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first international adventure, there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from, regardless of their background.

With a strong focus on Globalization, Innovation & Creativity, Critical Thinking, Globalized Networking, and Cultural Immersion, our programs are designed to broaden horizons and foster personal growth.


Choose ONGO  for your Study Abroad experience and let us guide you towards transformative educational adventures that will shape your future.


At ONGO, our mission is to foster continuous growth, creativity, and learning through internationally curated learning experiences for students. We are dedicated to globalizing our students and igniting their inquisitiveness with innovation.


By providing access to innovative technology and exposure to diverse cultures and communities, we aim to create transformative educational opportunities that broaden possibilities and support our communities.


Our commitment is to facilitate international educational experiences that offer global opportunities, practical learning, and personal development, nurturing critical thought and intellectual growth for professional success.

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At ONGO, we specialize in crafting customized study abroad programs that cater to the unique needs of programs, schools, and organizations worldwide. Our hyper-focused programs, lasting under 2 weeks, are tailored to your specific requirements while encompassing essential elements such as Globalization, Innovation & Creativity, Critical Thinking, Globalized Networking Experiences, Cultural Immersion & Diversity, Cultural-Political-Economic Exposure, Flexibility/Adaptability, and more.


Request a quote or reach out to us for a personalized study abroad experience that suits your organization perfectly.

Additionally, we offer independent educational programs that provide life-changing global opportunities and practical experiences outside the United States. Our enriching programs foster critical thought, intellectual and social growth, and hands-on knowledge for professional success. Upon completion, students receive referral letters and valuable internship experience, unlocking access to an extensive global network of business and job opportunities. These transformative experiences, also under 2 weeks, enable individual students to explore their interests within a dynamic, globalized cohort.

Discover the world with ONGO and open the door to boundless opportunities for growth and discovery.

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“An unforgettable experience with ONGO Study Abroad Programs! The team tailored a unique program that perfectly aligned with our school's curriculum. The students were exposed to diverse cultures, fostering critical thinking and global awareness. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a transformative educational journey!”

Sarah W - School Administrator

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